KINGSWAY help companies to understand their business valuation for a variety of purposes. You might be selling your business, raising additional capital, resolving a shareholder dispute, or granting share options. Whatever the reason, KINGSWAY are delighted to ensure accuracy for your business.

KINGSWAY understand that there might be numerous reasons to get a business valued and it can be extremely complex. We understand the most appropriate methods for the type of business, whatever the sector. Company valuation requires a trusted partner. Many factors can affect business valuation, from type of business, spread of turnover, customers, years of trading, depreciation, intellectual property, team and future potential. Our team can be trusted to reach an accurate company valuation for your business. To get a company valuation right requires us to work closely with you to understand your company now and also what your company might become. We aim to understand your hopes and ambitions and help you to fulfil your dreams.

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