Tax Planning

It’s time to review your tax planning!

In our opinion, aggressive tax avoidance schemes are best avoided. There are plenty of strategies that we’re able to use very effectively, which allow our clients to have certainty, peace of mind, and a reduced tax bill. Part of our tax planning for both companies’ and individuals includes guiding you through tax-efficient investments, pension planning and other schemes. The key to effective tax planning is to make sure that all of your affairs are arranged efficiently to minimise tax overall. Our tax specialists will:

  • Check that all allowable expenses are claimed
  • Ensure maximum reliefs and allowances available are utilised
  • Organise your assets to minimise current and future tax liabilities.
  • Use of trusts
  • Inheritance tax exemptions including gits during the life time.

Please get in touch with member of the KINGSWAY tax team to discuss how we could help you in devising a strategy that would help you saving the amount of tax you pay.

With the ever increasing complexity of tax legislation, it pays to put your tax planning in safe hands. KINGSWAY tax specialists have broad knowledge and expertise which is constantly up-dated, so it’s important for us to keep in touch. In particular, we will hold a business pre year-end tax planning meeting with you and here we’ll discuss matters such as:

  • Research and development relief
  • EMI schemes
  • Remuneration of staff including salary sacrifice scheme
  • Annual investment, capital and other available allowances
  • Succession planning
  • Pensions

Each year we’ll save you as much tax as we can, through effective tax planning and not through high risk tax schemes. All of your tax deadlines will be met and we’ll give you as much notice as possible of future tax liabilities, so that you have time to set funds aside.

Our tax specialists provide tax advice to a wide variety of individuals including:

  • Higher rate tax payers
  • Self-employed individuals and sole traders
  • Company staff including company’s directors
  • Property portfolio owners
  • Consultants

If you could like to find out how you could reduce your tax liabilities please complete a contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your needs.