There are many reasons why businesses suffer losses, but it is in recovering those losses that disputes arise. It is not our job to assess culpability in these circumstances; we are here to make an assessment of the quantum of financial damages to enable our clients to move forward in agreeing settlement for their loss, whether it is through their insurer, third parties or the legal system.

Claim preparation

It can be difficult to know where to start. We can assist businesses to assess losses and prepare the financial aspects of their claim. Alternatively we can critically review existing claims for completeness, identifying any potential understatement and the financial disclosure needed to support and present the claim.

Quantification of losses

By combining the firm’s broad accounting knowledge of business sectors with detailed forensic analyses we can explore and test the link to causation and apply loss assessment methodologies to assess a complete and robust claim.

Negotiation and settlement

Not all claims result in formal proceedings and we understand that formal proceedings come at a cost. As an expert accounting advisor we can break down the complexities of our clients’ claims and negotiate on their behalf with clear and concise findings, whether it be in mediation or other form of negotiation process.

Independent expert witness

Where formal proceedings have commenced or are likely to commence our clients can be assured that we will prepare a complete, robust and persuasive report, acting as our client’s independent expert in litigation, arbitration or other form of dispute resolution.

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